Nearly everybody loves a good monster movie. Ever since Jaws graced the movie theatres way back in the 70’s, there have been numerous movies featuring people being hunted by animals. We have had movies about Orca’s, Crocodiles, Alligators, Snakes, Spiders and Bears. The movie that most springs to mind featuring the latter animal is The Edge, starring Anthony Hopkins. It was a good thriller with a very well trained animal in the form of Bart the Bear. His namesake, ( but not related to the original), Bart the Bear 2 , is featured in the movie i am about to review: Red Machine. (Also known as Into the Grizzly Maze).

It tells the story about the young man Rowan, who returns to his hometown, after he has received a call to find an old friend who has been lost for a while. Arriving in town he is soon reunited with his estranged brother Beckett. Setting out in the neighbouring woods to find his friend, Rowan becomes the target of a rogue grizzly bear. Also in the woods at the time, is Becketts deaf wife, Michelle. When more people become the target of the bear, a local hunters help is called in. A battle and fight for survival begins in the dark forests….

This movie was definitely not bad. It features a pretty impressive cast in the form of James Marsden, Glenn Jones, Thomas Jane, Piper Perabo and Billy Bob Thornton. As such the acting is definitely above par, and this truly elevates the movie to above average. The story ofcourse isn’t the next contender for best script at the next Oscar race, but that is not the reason you watch a movie like this anyway. There are a couple of pretty tense and exiting scenes featuring the bear, and all credit has to go to the animal trainers. Some of the scenes are so realistic that you have to wonder how in the world they did that with a real live animal.

All in all this was a pretty nice little creature feature. It starts of a bit slow, but once it picks up the pace, there really is enough to enjoy to definitely make it worth it. If you like monster movies, chances are good that you will enjoy this one.

I give this movie a 7 out of 10 score.