Black Sails is a tv series about Pirates. To describe it like this would definitely be selling it short. Because Black Sails is so much more. It is about men seeking revenge, justice, redemption, but above all it is a show about characters. This series produced by Michael Bay can best be compared to Vikings, as both shows share a bit of a similar vibe. The first season of Black Sails was good, but also contained some episodes where i felt they were just dragging out the storyline. The second season though, has none of those. It is a vast improvement over the first season, and the incredible season finale could almost have been a big blockbuster movie.

The second season starts off right where season 1 ended. Captain Flint is still trying to get to the gold of the Spanish vessel Urca. However there is much mistrust amongst his men and they doubt his ability to lead. In fact the only ally he seems to have left is mr. Silver. The season interestingly explores a lot of the background of Flints character, and we get to find out exactly what drove him to become the man he is today. We are also introduced to a couple of new characters this season of which the most noteworthy is captain Ned Lowe. To call Lowe evil is an understatement. He is nothing short of a monster, who brings along a lot of new troubles to the island of Nassau.

Anne Bonny and her relationship with Jack Rackham will also be put to the test, and this storyline is also one of the more interesting ones that are explored this season. Everything in this season is bigger, and you truly get the sense that we are transported back in time to the early 18th century. The battles that are fought both on the ground and at sea, are so good that you wonder how it is possible that they did this with a tv-budget. Everything, from the incredible sets, the impressive ships, and the wonderfull costumes, just feels right.

I absolutely loved this season of Black Sails. As i said the first season even though i liked it, felt a bit underdeveloped at times. But in this one, the writers just did everything right. I loved watching  most of the characters getting a proper background story, and it is because of this, that you definitely get more invested in them. This is especially true with captain Flint, and as this season ends, it will be very interesting to see where his journey will take him next. All roads are open, or should i say, all sealanes are open….

I give this 2nd season of Black Sails a 9 out of 10 score.