Every movie genre has them: classics. Whether you’re an action movie fan or whatever else kind of movies you like, chances are you have seen an alltime classic. A movie that just set a benchmark for the genre, and will forever stay in your mind. Unfortunately Hollywood lately has this urge to remake these classics, usually resulting in a mediocre movie, or something that sets bad blood with fans of the original. I myself don’t necessarily have problems with remakes, but i do think certain movies are just off limits.

The original Poltergeist movie from the 80’s was definitely a classic in the horror movie genre. It raised the bar for movies featuring ghosts and haunted houses, and has withstood the test of time, even though it is a 34 year old movie. Last year the remake was released, a movie produced by Sam “Evil Dead” Raimi. Obviously i had my reservations about this once, since the original was so incredibly good and near perfect. To my surprise though, this version of Poltergeist most certainly wasn’t bad, in fact i really enjoyed it.

It tells the story of the Bowen family who have recently moved into their new home. The father of the house, played by Sam Rockwell, has recently lost his job, and tries to hold his family together as best he can. When young Madison Bowen and her brother Griffin begin to experience some strange things, at first it is all dismissed as childhood fantasies. However it is not long before Madison disappears and the parents are confronted by the horrible truth: their new house is being haunted by a Poltergeist. With the help of a group of paranormal researchers they will will have to confront their deepest fears to get their daughter back from the spirit realm. However, the ghosts have no intention of letting Madison go……

This remake was, as far as remakes go, really done well. It is not a copy of the original, which in my opinion is a good thing, but it does try to pay homage to the classic of the 80’s. The special effects in the movie are pretty good most of the time, and there are a couple of jump out of your seat scares. One scene featuring a drill definitely stood out. The acting in this movie was the one thing that i wish was done better. The young actress Kennedi Clements, who plays the role of Madison, does this very well, and makes a good impression. It is her moviebrother Griffin though, played by Kyle Catlett, who sometimes lacks the skills to convince the audience that he is truly scared. But this is a minor thing. Otherwise there is very little wrong with this movie, and it just serves up an entertaining ride, without blood or gore, but just good old scares.

I give this movie an 8 out of 10 score.