The wealth of storylines Marvel comics has created, is almost infinite. A lot of the more popular ones, are finding their way to the big screen, in the form of blockbuster superhero movies. We all know how succesful these movies have become the past few years. But Marvel has also been releasing a lot of straight to dvd animated features. Some of these are just downright awful, and obviously an attempt to make a quick buck. However, luckily there are also a few of these that are a genuine surprise and Planet Hulk is one of those.

Adapted from the comic book of the same name, it tells the story of Hulks exile from planet Earth. As the heroes of Earth fear the destruction and chaos the green giant causes, they have put him on a spaceship on a direct course for a distant and uninhabited planet. The plan goes wrong however and Hulk crashlands on a planet under the rule of the evil Red King. Soon, our green friend gets captured and is forced to fight in an arena, for the entertainment of the population and the Red King. There, he meets a group of diverse characters who are trying to undermine the King, and win their freedom. Will Hulk choose their side, or is he truly the monster so many people think he is ?

I really enjoyed this animated film. The animation, though not amazing, works for this movie, and it features a couple of great arena fights, in which the emerald hero is doing what he does best: Smash! Another thing worth of note is the voice acting. None of the actors in this movie are well known, but they truly deliver some great performances. Having not read the comic, i can’t tell if this movie stays true to the source material. However storywise, especially for a movie such as this, it contained an entertaining script, and Hulk fans will definitely enjoy it.

All in all if you are a Marvel comic book fan, or like superhero movies in general, this is definitely worth checking out. It really is one of the better Marvel animated features out there, and serves up an hour and a half of mindless fun.

I give this movie an 8 out of 10 score.