Some things in life are just guilty pleasures. The American tv series Banshee is one of those. Yes, it contains a lot of sex and a lot of violence, but oh my, this is so incredibly good. For those of you that have never heard of the show let me tell you what this is all about. Banshee tells the story of criminal Lucas Hood, who has just been released from prison. Travelling to the small town of Banshee, he assumes the identity of a murdered sheriff. Lucas, with a band of colourful friends, continues his crime spree, right under the noses of the local police. However, eventually Lucas learns that some sins can’t be outrun, and his past catches up with him. Soon the town erupts  in violence…..

Now Banshee has always been a terrific show. It contains brutal violence, but because it is sometimes so incredibly over the top, it almost feels like you are watching a comic book. However season 3 takes things to an entirely different level. Following the events of season 2, Lucas Hood faces his most dangerous enemy yet. Right from the very first episode this season kicks off into high gear and doesn’t let go until the season finale. Every episode this season has been a thrill ride and it is hard to even name an event that stands out at all. However i am going to name one: and that is the fight in Episode 3 between Indian girl Nola Longshadow and the brutal enforcer Burton.

Now i have seen a lot of fights in a lot of different shows. But this one has to take first place in the rankings of alltime greatest fights ever made for television. Ofcourse i am not going to tell the outcome, but trust me when i say that this will leave you gasping for breath. As for the rest of the season, there are some truly shocking moments, and we also get to know a lot more about the past of some of the characters.

Performances in this season are absolutely top notch, and as always it is Job who is the one who provides the best one liners. To say that this is the best season of Banshee so far is putting it mildly. It outclasses the other already very impressive seasons by so many miles, it is almost as if the writers have been ignited with a high octane mixture of liquid nitrogen. Unfortunately i have only one more season to watch and then the series meets it’s end. I have no idea if season 4 will also be this impressive, it is almost hard to believe, but i am definitely looking forward to it all the same.

I give this season of Banshee a 10 out of 10 score.