In the horrorfilm genre the found footage film is hugely popular. Ever since the Blair Witch Project, there have been numerous movies that have made their appearance in this subgenre. There are a lot of traits these movies have in common. Almost all of them are made for an extremely low budget and feature a shaky camera to simulate the fact that the lead character of the movie made the footage.

I myself quite like these movies, and have managed to see  a lot of them. Unfortunately, as with all movies, there are quite a few of them that just try to hop on the bandwagon so to speak, and are pretty horrible. JeruZalem doesn’t fall in this last category, but falls a little in between. It is not a bad movie, especially not for people who like movies such as these, but it isn’t great either.

JeruZalem does try to do some new things at least and that is refreshing. The main character, Sarah, wears a Google Glass so we see the world through her eyes, and that works really well. Because of the Google Glass we get a found footage movie that has pretty clear imagery, something that usually doesn’t happen because of the shaky cam so often used.

Sarah travels with her friend Rachel to Israel, in order to spend a vacation in Tel Aviv. On the plane travelling towards their destination, they meet up with young Indiana Jones wannabe Kevin, who eventually persuades them to travel to Jeruzalem with him. Once there, things soon start to spiral out of control. One night the army starts to attack unknown targets and the city is thrown in a state of panic. Sarah and Rachel are caught up in between, and it soon becomes clear that they have landed in the middle of a nightmare. Fiendish creatures have taken root in Jeruzalem, and the end times are near……

Now as i said this movie isn’t half bad. The setting in Jeruzalem itself is pretty unique and makes for some nice pictures. Some of the creatures are made pretty well and are downright scary. However for a horrormovie, there is little real horror or fright. Most of the movie we spent time running from the creatures and the constant screaming once they are going down into the tunnels under the city, truly begins to grate on your nerves.

In the end, what is left is best described as a low budget version of Cloverfield. If you like found footage films, this might be worth checking out, as there are definitely worse movies out there.

I give this movie a 6 out of 10 score.