Yes, it is summer blockbuster time, and you know what to expect during that season. Usually a number of sequels, and movies containing lots of special effects, and almost no story. And that ofcourse is not always a bad thing, since movies like that are set out to entertain and thrill you, while you are eating your popcorn.

Twenty years ago director Roland Emmerich brought us Independence Day, a movie that became an instant hit with audiences all over the world. It’s combination of special effects, likeable characters and a lot of humour proved to be a very succesful formula. Now, this year, we get the sequel and the question is : is it every bit as good as the original, or maybe even better? Unfortunately the answer to that question is no.

The story of the movie takes place 20 years after the original. The world is completely at peace and mankind has developed new weapon systems with the Alien technology left behind. As the world prepares for a big celebration honouring the original heroes of the war, it is this exact moment that the Aliens return with an enormous ship to conquer the world and finish the mission they started 20 years ago. Mankind fights back valiantly, but it seems that despite their new weapons they are no match for the Aliens. It is time for the old heroes working together with a bunch of new ones, to try and turn the tide around…that is easier said than done though….

Independence Day: Resurgence starts big, with an impressive sequence of the Aliens arriving to take over the world. The special effects, using todays technology are ofcourse better than the original. The Aliens have undergone the biggest improvement, looking more fearsome and more evil than in the 1996 movie. Almost the entire old cast of actors returns for this movie, except for Will Smith. They are joined by a couple of new characters, and it is in this department that the movie falls short. The new cast of characters, spearheaded by actor Liam Hemsworth, just isn’t that interesting. And the humour that worked so well in the first movie is almost totally lacking in this one.

What we are left with is a movie that, although impressive at times, just does not have a heart. Ofcourse there are some very cool action sequences and special effects, but the human element is sadly absent. It is because of this that the movie truly falls short of the original. That being said, there is still enough to enjoy, and make a trip to the cinema worth your money, as long as you keep your expectations low.

I give this movie a 7 out of 10 score.