I Swan tells the heartwarming story of Holly. Holly is a young girl who has lost her mother in a tragic car accident. After the death of her mother, she stops speaking altogether. Holly at first lives with her grandparents, because her father works at a nature reserve, far from civilisation. In the end though her father decides it is best to bring Holly with him, and to try to make her come alive again. At first everything stays the same, Holly continues to stay silent, and her father becomes desperate.

Then one day, things change. Holly stumbles across a swan who is wounded and trapped in netting laid out by poachers. She frees the swan, and eventually takes him home to recover. Naming him Snowflake, Holly begins to find the will to live again, because of taking care of the swan. She regains her voice, and is beginning to bond again with her father. However, the poachers aren’t far behind, and will stop at nothing to recover the swan…

I Swan is obviously intended for a young audience, but can be enjoyed by anyone who likes feelgood movies. One thing that definitely stands out in this movie is the beautifull cinematography. The nature reserve is captured in all it’s glory and accompanied by the wonderfull score by composer Xu Xiangrong, that alone is a reason to watch this movie. Another thing that impressed me was the animaltraining in this movie. I can’t imagine it being an easy feat to tame a swan, and to have it act besides a young girl.

Now as for the story, it is well written, but not full of surprises. Most of the things that happen in this movie, you can see coming from miles away. But one takes that for granted, as the performances in the movie are spot on, and it is truly hard not to like this movie. This is one of those movies that i think is best watched during Christmas time, where it will definitely warm your heart.

I give this movie a 7 out of 10 score.