To say that The Pirates is Korea’s answer to Pirates of the Caribbean, is to truly sell this film short. Yes there are Pirates in this movie, and yes there is also a lot of humor in this one, but that is where the similarities end. Above all, this is just one heck of a fun adventure movie, that has a great story and some fantastic over the top characters that you will fall in love with.

The Pirates takes place during the 14th century. The imperial seal of the Emperor has been stolen, or at least that is what is being told at first. In reality the seal has been swallowed up by a giant whale. The Emperor orders the seal to be recovered, whatever the cost. An enormous reward is being offered and because of that it also attracts the attention of a lot of gangs of thieves and pirates. The hunt for the whale is opened…but not without it’s consequences.

If there is one word with which to describe this movie, it is fun. I think almost the entire cast of this movie had an absolute blast while shooting this picture. Keyong-yeong Lee (who now seems to appear in nearly every Korean movie i see these days, since having seen the drama series D-day), plays a fantastic role as the evil pirate So-ma. But his two opponents, the beautifull but deadly Yeo-wol (played by Ye-Jin Son)and the rogue Jang Sa-Jung (played by Nam-Gil Kim) also are two absolutely terrific characters.

Another thing worth mentioning are the outstanding special effects. The ships used in the movie look truly realistic, but the star in this movie has to be the gigantic whale, which is brought to life by computer, but that is truly hard to tell. And then there is the humor, which absolutely works in this movie. There have been some Korean movies in which that was an element that was just truly cringeworthy, but here i really had some scenes that had me bursting out with laughter.

This movie was a very pleasant surprise and i absolutely enjoyed this movie from start to finish. If you love pirate or adventure movies in general, you can’t go wrong with this one.

I give this movie a 9 out of 10 score.