Everyone has those times on a day where you just have a couple of minutes to spare,but don’t exactly know how to spent them. An episode of your favorite tv show is just too long, and you just don’t have the time to set up a very eleborate boardgame, no matter how much you love those. Luckily there are games out there that are a lot of fun, require almost no set up time, and take under 10 minutes to complete. Pleasant Dreams is a cardgame that falls into that last category.



The first thing that you will notice on this game is the beautifully designed box. It looks almost like a small book, with a gold lock design on the side. It is very small and will fit right into any travel back. Inside the box you will find two small blue glass beads, and a stack of over 40 tarotsize cards. The rules of the game are also printed on 5 of these cards, so everything just fits perfectly together. Another thing that is definitely worth mentioning is the way these cards look. The artwork is just phenomenal. Some of the cards have truly scary designs and are just gorgeous to look at. You can see that just a lot of time was put into the design, and that for me is a plus.

Game overview


The object of the game is to stay asleep during the night, and to avoid waking up screaming aloud because of nightmares. At the beginning of the game every player receives a card to represent your character and for keeping score on your state of wakefulness. In addition two other cards are dealt to each player with special powers that will help you deal with the dreamdeck. Now the dreamdeck contains cards that either raise or lower your wakefulness score. When this score reaches 5 or more points, you wake up screaming your lungs out, and have lost the game. Don’t worry, it doesn’t happen for real 🙂 .



This game can be learned in under 3 minutes. Yes it really is that simple. The rules are pretty clearly written, and not difficult at all. As for winning this game that truly depends on luck. In each turn players decide on how much cards they want to draw from the dreamdeck, ranging from 1-5 cards. Each card either raises or lowers your wakefulness score. Then there are some cards that players can decide to either discard or flip over. This last action lowers your wakefulness score by 1 point, but also has the potential to add a card to the dreamdeck which severely hampers your chance to stay asleep and win the game.

The Verdict


I really enjoyed this small game. It is one of those games that you just play when you have a little time to kill, and with games lasting no more than 10 minutes, this is perfect for moments like that. Now some people may argue that this game just all depends on luck and that there is little strategy to the game. I guess that is mostly true, but for me a game can be enjoyable to play even if it greatly depends on luck. As i said the game is truly beautifull to look at, and for that it scores points as well. I love games that can be complex, but there are also times i just want to play something that is relatively simple, and this game does certainly fulfill that purpose.

I give this game a 9 out of 10 score.