Reboot, remake, and all other associated words… It is something Hollywood quite enjoys doing these days. Almost everything seems to be getting a remake, from old obscure television series to movie franchises. Not all of these reboots, are necessarily bad. One only has to look at the Dark Knight trilogy to see how things can definitely work out for the better. (And honestly i liked the Robocop reboot as well, but i seem to be in the minority with that 😉 ).

The superhero group Fantastic Four got it’s reboot last year. The two movies that came before it, were modest hits, and in my opinion were okayish. Not great, but as far as movies go not too bad. The reboot that was released last year got incredibly bad reviews. Now i for one am one of those people that reads reviews, but always forms his own opinion. A movie is a personal experience and what is a bad movie for one person, might be a good movie for the other.

Unfortunately though, with this movie, the reviews were right. This was not a very good movie, in fact it was pretty bad. The movie starts off all right, and at that point i was thinking the reviews might have been wrong after all. We see a young Reed Richards tinkering in his garage on a science project. He is soon joined by a young Ben Grimm, and together they begin work on their first school project: transporting matter to another dimension.

The movie then jumps ahead a few years, and we see the both of them working on a full scale project of their idea. Together with Sue and Johny Storm, and Victor von Doom they manage to get the project working and are then transported to an entirely different world. Things go wrong, and the five of them get transformed into beings with incredible powers. They manage to escape back to Earth, except for Victor. And this is where the movie starts doing things that deviate completely from the comic books. The origin story of the Fantastic Four is totally different. Now i respect that they try to do things their own way, but it just doesn’t seem to work for this movie. The pacing is just totally off. Almost nothing happens in this movie. When the four of them get their powers and are changed into the heroes we all know and love from the comic books, we see a bunch of training sessions. Eventually Victor get’s back and you expect a big showdown between the group and doctor Doom. Well this “showdown” lasts a little over 5 minutes, and then almost right after that, the end credits roll.

Well…i love superhero movies, and this one was truly a letdown. The incredibly slow pacing, the bad script, and the rushed ending, it all contributed to a mediocre movie at best. The only thing that was all right was the acting, as Miles Teller and Michael B.Jordan did a pretty good job. Unfortunately with the reception this movie received, i am afraid that this is the end for the Fantastic Four. Well…at least until the next reboot.

I give this movie a 4 out of 10 score.