Sometimes there are movies that are quite enjoyable to watch, but then get ruined by an ending that just doesn’t live up to what you were expecting. Unfortunately, 400 days is a movie that belongs into that category. Which is really a shame, since there are a lot of things to like in this one.

The movie tells the story of four people that are preparing to go into outer space. To properly prepare them, they are getting locked up under ground and will undergo a simulation of the mission ahead. In exactly 400 days they will have to survive on their own, in a very claustrophobic setting. As the days go by, things are beginning to happen that makes them begin to question their sanity. The real question is…is this part of the simulation, or are there more horrifying things going on….

Now one thing this move has, is atmosphere. There are some truly tense and seriously creepy scenes that definitely will sent a chill or two down your spine. Even though the movie is definitely low budget, the camerawork is very decent and truly creates a sense of dread. Another thing that i liked about this movie were the two lead actors, Brandon Routh and Caity Lotz. Brandon, who most people will remember from his role as the former Superman, truly lifts the film up a notch or two. His chemistry with Caity, also works well on screen. Lotz also does a very decent job of almost carrying this movie on her own, and her role reminds me a bit of one of her other movies: the Machine. (If you have not yet had a chance to see that one, i highly recommend it.)

All in all i really liked this movie, right up until the ending. I am obviously not going to spoil it for you who still would like to see this movie, but trust me when i say you will feel letdown by it. I hope that one day someone will perhaps make a sequel to this one, but obviously that is probably wishfull thinking.

Still if you like tense, paranoia inducing thrillers, there are worse ways to spent your evening. As long as you are prepared for the ending which will most assuredly give you a big sense of disappointment, there is still almost enough to enjoy this one..emphasis on almost.

I give this movie a 6 out of 10 score.