Shadowrun Crossfire is a cooperative deckbuilding game. That is quite a mouthfull 🙂 For those of you unfamiliair with the concept of deckbuilding games, i will give a small  explanation. In a deckbuilding game you usually start out with a hand of basic cards. With these cards you will try and defeat bad guys and more importantly buy new and better cards. These cards will then be added to your deck, which will make your deck more powerfull. As the game progresses, you will continue to buy new and better cards to enhance your deck with, hence the name “deckbuilder “.



Inside the Shadowrun box you will find a lot of cool stuff. First of all there is the rulebook, which i found to be pretty well written and does a good job of teaching you the game. The second book you will discover is a background book about the Shadowrun world. The Shadowrun setting has been around for a very long time and is best known for it’s roleplaying game. The last book is a 37 preview of a Shadowrun novel called Fire and Frost.

Then of course there are over 200 cards included in the box of a very sturdy quality. The artwork on those cards does a great job of transporting you into the Shadowrun world. Also included are a bunch of health and damage tokens, a number of character sheets, stickers, and 3 mission sheets. All in all there is enough quality in the box to make every deckbuilding fan happy.

Game overview


In Shadowrun Crossfire you first will select a mission to play, which can vary from extracting a certain person or escaping from a building. Three missions are included, in the box,but more can be found on the publishers website and in expansions. Then you select a character with which to play, which are called Runners, who will than attempt to complete the mission.

Every runner selects a role, for instance the Mage, which will become the characters specialty. There are four roles to choose from and when playing with fewer than four players, a character gets more than one role. After each player has selected their character and roles, the game can begin.

Shadowrun is played in a series of turns in which players can try and fight obstacles, and buy new cards from the Black Market. When defeating obstacles (enemies), players earn nuyen, which is the games currency. With these nuyen, you can buy new cards, but these aren’t cheap, and you have to make well thought out decisions about which cards to buy for your deck.



Now i am not going to lie to you, the difficulty of this game can be brutal. Each game a number of cards will be drawn from the Crossfire Event the deck, and these cards can seriously put a rain on your parade. I have had sologames, playing with two Runners, in which i was defeated in just a few turns, simply because of a bad card draw. This is the one gripe i have with this game. You can plan things well in your mind, but then everything you planned can go down the drain, just because of bad luck.

The verdict


I really love deckbuilding games, which is the reason i bought this game in the first place. I have so far only been playing this game solo, and to my shame i must admit i have not been able to win the game once. However even though i keep losing, i keep going back to it. The game just is that good. I love the way the cards look, the Shadowrun world is fantastic in itself, and the game just plays like a charm. The high Caliber Ops expansion adds even more goodness to an already great game.

The game loses a point because of it’s high difficulty level, but other than that i highly recommend this to any player who loves deckbuilding games.

I give it 8 out of 10 points.